Mobile Internet and Responsive Web Design

Mobile Internet and Responsive Web Design

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Mobile Internet

This week saw the launch of Weve a mobile marketing provider that has partnered up with the likes of Vodafone, EE and O2 with the capability of reaching up to 80% of the UK population that have mobiles. This equates to about 15 million customers that are currently opted in to receive marketing material.

This revolutionary form of targeted marketing is when content is sent to a customer via a text message, which has been loaded with a web link that has been specifically mobile optimised through intuitive web design. To understand and read about the offer or deal in full you are required to click through the link to a company’s landing page.

Internet Responsive Design

Is Mobile Internet the future?

This platform of marketing has opened up a whole host of opportunities for marketing you company:

It allows access to facts, statistics and information that wouldn’t previously been widely available
It details shopping habits and trends
Movements and where people spend their time
Adds extra an dimension in monitoring you clients
Along with the positives, there are those that say that this revolutionary marketing tool is on uncertain ground and that third party stakeholders are given too much information on an individual.

With great power comes great responsibility:

This statement has never been truer than in this situation, personally from my point of view, if the information is used responsibly then no it isn’t an invasion of privacy. As a business it is beneficial for you to know what your customers like, what they enjoy doing and how they prefer to receive their content.

If it’s been noticed that your journey to and from work takes you along a promenade of shops everyday but you don’t stop to visit them, you can become an object of fascination. Why doesn’t she visit our shop? What are we doing wrong? Via the mobile marketing you can be targeted and enticed in store.

It’s all very well to send out your content but how do you drive engagement and sales through to your site? This is where ensuring that you have intuitive, efficient and effective mobile optimised web design counts. Your aim is to make the customer journey as simple and as seamless as you possibly can to ease your prospected clients through to the check out.

Is the PC becoming extinct?

With over 1 billion smartphone devises in use around the world it is no wonder the question of the desktop crops up, will it become a thing of the past? This figure is only a snap shot into today’s mobile environment; it does not take into consideration the millions of tablet devises in use as well.

The majority of people use their devices to access the interest more than anything else. Therefore, it isn’t a coincidence that tech gurus have predicted that mobile internet is to surge in the coming year and eventually over take standard fixed line internet by 2014. The average person uses the internet on a portable devise every day, this is why mobile optimisation is such a current and trending topic for 2013.

Take the time to think of who it is that is in your key customer base: where would their first port of call be if they were to be conducting research about you? If it’s the internet then you must ensure you are accessible to all avenues of access.

Responsive web design – optimised for all browsing devises

Web design can make or break your sales aims, this is why it is so important to work with an agency that can outline your end goals and propose the best way to meet them. Online sales and communities are fast becoming a major player in the retail industry of the modern day and by having an online platform that is quick, adaptive and responsive you stand yourself in good stead for success. Providing your customers with that extra level of involvement and engagement will encourage them to browse with an aim to buy!.

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