Is Your Website Optimised for Mobile and Tablet Devices?

Is Your Website Optimised for Mobile and Tablet Devices?

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With mobile users set to overtake fixed internet browsing by 2014 – how does your website shape up for mobile users?

Did you know...?

  • 45% of UK own a smartphone mobile
  • 93% of UK smartphone mobile users browsed the web everyday
  • Mobiles are carried and used EVERYWHERE
  • 54% of UK users their mobile while watching TV
  • 96% of UK users use a search engine via they phone

Mobile Website Optimization
In fact, find out what Google are saying:

Google noted that 89 percent of smartphone owners take some kind of action after looking up local content:

  • 51 percent called a business or service
  • 25 percent made an in-store purchase from a business
  • 21 percent made an online purchase from a business
  • 48 percent visited a business
  • 47 percent visited the website of a business or service
  • 49 percent looked up a business or service on a map

Mobile shoppers are buying: 20 percent buy daily; 14 percent buy weekly; and 29 percent buy monthly. But they're also using their smartphone to compare prices and research products.

Google's Predictions

Jason Spero, Google's head of global mobile sales and strategy, shared 12 predictions on "major developments we will see in mobile":

  1. More than 1 billion people will use mobile devices as their primary internet access point.
  2. There will be 10 days where >50% of trending search terms will be on mobile
  3. Mobile's role in driving people into stores will be proven and it will blow us away
  4. "Mobile driven spend" will emerge as a big category
  5. Smartphones will prove exceptional at driving a new consumer behavior
  6. Tablets will take their place as the 4th screen
  7. New industry standards will make mobile display easy to run
  8. 5 new, mobile first companies will reach the Angry Birds level of success
  9. The ROI on mobile and tablet advertising will increase as a result of the unmatched relevance of proximity
  10. The intersection of mobile and social will spark a dramatic new form of engaging consumers
  11. 80% of the largest 2,000 websites globally will have an HTML5 site
  12. One million small businesses globally will build a mobile website

Do you think these are realistic? Let us know in the comments.

In our next article, we'll be sharing the implications of optimising your website for mobile and tablet devices

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