Tips to Make Facebook Work for You

Tips to Make Facebook Work for You

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Facebook is now the largest social media website with a population of over 400 million users. With that many eyeballs, everyone wants to use this channel to communication with prospective customers. To help you get stated, we at Alchemy Interactive, have put together a list of tips to help you get the best out of your facebook campaigns.

1. Be Different

Your page needs to stand out and be memorable, the average Facebook user is connected to 60 pages or events, so you really are fighting for your fans’ attention. Investing time and resources in the design for your Facebook page is essential.
One of the most important ways you can make your Facebook page stand out from the crowd is to create a unique page image. Creating an engaging photo for your Facebook page is a quick and easy way to engage with your consumers.
Try to make sure your page has some unique content or something that adds value. Is there something you can give your fans to keep them coming back?

2. Integrate Applications

Currently there are over 550,000 applications on Facebook, many of these can be directly integrated into your fan page. Using engaging applications is one of the best ways to capture the attention of your fans and prevent them from leaving your page immediately. It is vital that any application you use has a call to action so new users are immediately engaged.

3. Frequent Postings

Sparking the conversation on your page is key to getting your page more fans. If you post frequently you are more likely to attract like minded fans and keep existing fans more engaged. Posting question and creating new topics in the discussion area will help keep your users coming back to your page.

Reposting a person’s information helps engage users as it demonstrates your ability to listen and the value you put on your fan’s opinions. It is important not to over use this function and remember, this is a long terms strately which will improve your reputation over time, but is unlikely to drive thousands of fans to your Facebook page over night!

4. Landing Pages

You can customize the page different types of users will land on with your Facebook page. This means people who have never been to your site before can be sent to a completely different page, than those who are already fans. This allows you to give potential users information that is specifically targeted at them, and encourage them to join.
It’s important not to let users land on the wall of your Facebook page. While the wall does provide the opportunity to present users with engaging information provided by your fans, you have no control over this content. The wall is also unlikely to contain much information about you and therefore is unlikely to have much impact on new visitors,

5. Facebook Events

Whether it’s in person or an online event, Facebook events are a really great way to engage with your fan base. Watching the RSVP responses of an event can allow you to analyze your fans friendship patterns. If events are public they are also added to a users profile, encouraging new users to visit your page. With events highlighted at the top of a users homepage you are ensuring your brand is kept front of mind.

6. Give something back

Giving something back to your online community is a great way to raise your profile, and gain fans. This can be anything from a download or information leaflet to a free gift or access to a sale. It’s important not to make the mechanic too complicated, as this is likely to put fans. Any free gift should be sent out quite quickly to ensure the positive experience is reinforced.

7. Tag fans in photos

Tagging is one of the most effective promotional activities that you can do. Once a user is tagged the process becomes viral, as soon as the tag is in place, their friends see it and these new users are driven to that album – which is on your Facebook page. The more tagging that takes place, the quicker your page will spread.
The main challenge is coming up with the content to tag users in, there are a number of ways this can be done but the two most effective ways are through an event or by allowing users to add their own images. If you host an event – make sure you get lots of photos and video footage, with names so users can be tagged. Allowing user generated content in your Facebook page will means you are giving something back, as well as keeping your brand front of mind.

8. Thank your fans

Thanking your users when they become fans of your Facebook page will help spread goodwill around your brand as well as encouraging them to engage more with your page. The “thank you” can be anything from a simple message welcoming and thanking them for becoming a fan to an ebook or coupon. The “thank you” can also be used to encourage fans to recommend your site to friends.

9. Don’t spam

When setting up your Facebook page you need to be patient. Progress may not be as quick as you would like but it is far better to build up your fan base slowly than spam people and risk the wrath of Facebook.

10. Keep at it

Often Facebook pages are created and then left, in order to make your page a success it is important to continue to update the page. If the content is not updated regularly users are likely to stop being fans. Photos and competitions / games are a great and often cheap way to add engaging content to your Facebook page. While stories and articles may add value to the page, as well as continuing to engage with users through discussions and the wall posts.

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