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Time for a re-brand? Or a brand refresh? We can help.

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At Alchemy, we don’t just design creative and engaging websites. We offer a whole spectrum of online marketing services – including branding, re-branding, brand alignment and brand refresh. We believe a good brand strategy is pivotal to all businesses.

The right branding is crucial for any business

It is imperative that your customers, potential customers and stakeholders respond positively and loyally to your brand, and that it stands out in the marketplace. Your brand differentiates your business from the competition and build strong associations with it helps secure customer loyalty.

Not only that, a brand refresh can possibly revive or review how you and your employees feel about the company, products and services… and even a new lease of life to the direction or vision of your business, even a sense of pride.

It isn’t unusual for our clients to think a brand is simply defined by a logo. It’s important to know that it is only a visual touchprint. Adhering to consistent brand guidelines (font, colours, design layouts, etc.) across your marketing materials, it subconsciously reinforce brand association with the customer.

Do you really need to re-brand?

Re-branding can cost millions (if you’re a global enterprise) but it doesn’t have to be.

Perhaps you’re thinking of…

  • Changing your brand strategy and identity completely
  • Entering a new market
  • Targeting a new type of customer
  • Re-position your brand in the marketplace against your competitors

Re-branding has proved its worth many times with larger enterprises. Take Steve Jobs’ decision to re-brand Apple Computer to just Apple and by removing the rainbow coloured icon to a single solid colour. The quirky brand was ‘allowed’ entry into cool, new and emerging markets with products such as the iPod and iPhone. It was a brand strategy that paid dividends.

Too much? Perhaps just a brand re-fresh then…

We understand a brand change can’t be taken lightly at the risk of not alienating your current customer base.

If a total brand overhaul sounds daunting, perhaps a brand re-fresh or an evolution of you existing brand is enough to update your brand look and feel, and take your business to a different direction, whilst retaining that all important familiarity with your customers.

A re-fresh could simply mean tweaking your logo by:

  • Updating your icon
  • A change of font
  • Changing your strapline
  • Change of colourways in your logo
  • Updating your brand guidelines – which could include a change of corporate font, refresh your corporate colour palette with primary and secondary colours, change of style in imagery, creating additional complimentary graphics for the brand.

Although branding shouldn’t be rushed. The more research you do (we can help with analytics) the better. GAP made a mistake when they changed their logo for something that lost its charm and image at the back end of 2010. The new logo was mocked on social media. Just six days later GAP reverted back their original logo at an estimate of $100m.

Whatever your reason to rebrand, Alchemy will bring that vision to life, and ensure the new look is seamlessly integrated into all your marketing, media and communications channels.

See the results of our clients’ Airivo and Lineup new brands… (links to be added when the pages are set up).

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