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Cost of bad UX

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A big question for all businesses…. how much should you spend on UX design? Probably more than you think!

70% of online businesses fail due to bad interface design and usability.

UX Stats show that 88% users online don’t return to a site after a negative experience.

User experience (UX) is the process design teams use to create products that provide positive, meaningful and relevant experiences to users, whilst satisfying organizational objectives. While creating a good UX design, teams integrate and include all aspects from branding, design, usability and function. UX is important because it tries to fulfill the user's needs. It aims to provide positive experiences that keep users loyal to the product or brand. Additionally, a meaningful user experience allows you to define customer journeys on your website that are most conducive to business success.

Often, in an attempt to cut costs or save time, web UX designs are not given the credence or priority they deserve, which leads to issues like limited usability andfunctionality. User feedback, font, colors, hierarchy, and most importantly, the quality of content play a significant role in making a UX design effective and successful. For designers, it is a constant conflict between seeing what is in the best interest of users and having to balance the company’s interest and budgets.

How exactly does a poor design accumulate more cost?

1. Lack of proper research and tests

During the launch it's impossible to receive honest feedback if the product is not tested among a diverse group. Users often identify many underlying issues that designs can miss during the process and provide inputs and new suggestions according to the changing customer needs. In the absence of this approach, the design is not in alignment with the users and, as a result, will end up costing more going back and forth with updates and changes. Moreover, it can result in losing customers for good and affecting the business. One such example can be of registration process or steps on your website, up to 45% lose interest if the registration process is too complicated and time consuming. Tests should include:

  1. Cross browser checking
  2. Multiple screen resolutions
  3. Multiple operating systems

2. Keeping up with the trends

The product might not be in line with the current market trends, which then makes it become less desirable to it’s audience.An example of this is a site which doesn’t provide a mobile friendly version- 96% consumers have reported to have come across sites that no mobile availability.

3. Building and rebuilding

Building and rebuilding a design can create confusion and multiple changes due to the initial lack of planning and research can just take away the core idea and essence of the design.  It will naturally cost more time and money as well.

One can take certain approaches to avoid the cost of bad design at the beginning itself.

4. Scan the landscape:

check out the competition, check out the best in class website and incorporate the best of the best into your UX.

5. Listen to your audience

Find out what they want, desire and plan to exceed their expectations

Be Flexible - It's imperative to have a flexible mindset. Being receptive towards the changing needs and expectations of users and adapting those inputs while planning out the initial model of the design saves time and cost in the later stages. While this is an interesting and transparent way, a certain level of discernment is needed from the design team to not always agree with the user because they don’t understand the technical and implementation possibilities of every suggestion that well. It is then up to the design team to opt for what is in the overall best interest.

6. Evolve - Invest in research and development

A thorough research and development can go a long way in the success of a product and can prove to be a beneficial investment. From a business perspective, it might not always look like a feasible option and hence a good UX designs team need to reason well and emphasize its importance.

7. Content is King

As mentioned earlier, content is at the core of the design. It provides value to users and statistically 45% of people want to see content that displays well across all devices.

SO, the message is plan, research and exceed expectations with your UX right from the beginning. Don’t learn the hard way!

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