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Senokot is the number one constipation remedy in the UK and is one of the best known worldwide. The brand belongs to the globally acclaimed healthcare arm of Reckitt Benckiser.

The Challenge

With research suggesting that only around a third of constipation sufferers were treating their condition with a medicine, the challenge for Senokot was to find a way to communicate the benefits of treatment with sufferers and cut through the commonly cited barriers of fear, apathy and embarrassment.

An online strategy and web presence seemed the natural route for communicating with the target audience but it had to be in such a way that these consumers would engage with the brand, as well as the issue. Any website created would need to be informative, address their fears and provide compelling reasons to treat, all the while positioning Senokot as a positive healthcare product (in line with the brands positioning) and facilitating CRM activities.

The Solution

Rather than obviously leading with the Senokot brand, our strategy was to develop an medical education, consumer centric site – – that would be ‘sponsored’ by the Senokot brand.

This less branded approach allowed the site to appear unbiased and authoritative on the subject while using ‘constipation’ in the domain name enabled us to pull in an extremely targeted source of traffic - consumers already searching the Internet for information about the condition.

The web content was varied, ranging from articles and advice from well-known medial medics and nutritionists to an interactive treatment advisor which hones down the individual’s answers to offer more specific product recommendations and advice.

Over the years the website has played a pivotal role for the brand and continually evolves to enhance Search Engine Optimisation, Search Engine Pay Per Click, incorporate online banner campaigns, competitions and editorial placements. Other attractions have included Online Web Chats (with Dr. Mark Porter, the sites media medic) and Online Coupon Campaigns.


The Result

Around half a million consumers have visited the website each year since its launch in 2003 and 88% of site visitors say they were prompted to start treating their condition. In fact, nearly three quarters (73%) added that they would be trying Senokot specifically.
The website has achieved top 10 listings in all the major UK search engines and the Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign has proved cost effective.

From a corporate point of view, the website has become Reckitt Benckiser’s most successful UK site and was the third most successful site across all of their global brands in 2005. The success of this model has led to other Senokot markets adopting the website, e.g. China, Belgium, South Africa and Australia.

Meanwhile, in 2007 the site won industry acclaim with the Over The Counter (OTC) award for best website for an over the counter (health care) product.

But don’t just take our word for it…

“The website has been instrumental in growing the category and helping grow our market share. Alchemy have certainly opened our eyes’ to the value in digital marketing and we’re pleased to have them on board as our digital partner.”

Annaliese Smith, Senior Brand Manager, Reckitt Benckiser


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